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The effectiveness of the laser is due to the small diameter

10. Mai um 23:13

The laser method is today considered the most painless, less traumatic and effective way, which is popular all over the world. The essence of the method is that small moles are removed in layers, before the appearance of micro-wounds, in one visit to the doctor. At the same time, the laser does not leave scars and scars on the skin. During and after surgery, there is no bleeding.
The effectiveness of the laser is due to the small diameter of its beam, high accuracy and the ability to fully control the depth of exposure.
complete removal of the mole without the possibility of its reappearance,sterility and elimination of the risk of infection of the body,speed of the procedure
rapid wound healing (from several days to two weeks)strict dosing of laser power by depth and area is a guarantee of accurate exposure to the pathological area without affecting healthy tissues, which makes it less likely to cause complications;no damage to the skin around,simple postoperative care;the possibility of complete control of the process using colposcopy;performed on an outpatient basis.

What methods remove tumors in our clinic?
Radio wave removal is a unique non-contact method of incision and coagulation of soft tissues using high-frequency radio waves. The dissecting effect is achieved due to the heat generated by the resistance of the tissues to the penetration of directed high-frequency waves into them. Derma Correct Review High-frequency energy is concentrated at the tip of the "active" or "surgical" electrode and causes a surge in intracellular molecular energy, which heats the tissues and actually vaporizes the cells. In this case, there is no direct contact of the electrode with cells, and the electrode itself does not heat up .
High-frequency waves promote coagulation of nerve endings and block muscle spasm. This eliminates the effect on sensitive receptors and provides almost complete painlessness of the procedure. To psycho-emotional calm the patient and to minimize unpleasant sensations, a local anesthetic is introduced into the area of ​​the neoplasm (warts, papillomas, etc.).
The radio wave acting on the tissue is able to completely disinfect the wound, destroying all pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the postoperative wound heals quickly, and complications in the form of inflammatory processes, swelling - an extremely rare case. 

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