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Suche Guten Arzt für nasen nachkorrektur

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07.05.14 um 19:13

Ich bin seid meiner nasenkorrektur sehr unglücklich. . Die Nasenflügel sind unterschiedlich. . Nasen rücken ist ungleich auch die nasenruckenseiten und etwas eingefallen und habe so zwei Ecken an der nasenspitzenseite. . Suche nun einen sehr guten Arzt der auch spezialisiert ist auf nachkorrekturen. Das kann nämlich nicht jeder. . Kann mir da jemand helfen. . Was ist zum Beispiel mit dr. Gubisch oder gibt es auch andere den es so ging wie mir und die jetzt wieder glücklich sind
. . Bitte meldet euch. . Meine nase ist auxh insgesamt zu kurz und klein geworden

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08.05.14 um 16:47

Nasenkorrektur -ich war bei Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Gehrking 1 A
habe lange gesucht--man muss von anfang an zu den besten gehen...revisions sind hard to do..check him out, in Jameda.
besser als die Muenchner brand names
Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Gehrking
mein Bericht anbei
Specialized German rhinoplasty surgeon with excellent results.
My nose came with a wide array of functional and aesthetic deficits.
Needed to be fixed since a decade ago. For years I was searching on and off for a highly specialized and trustworthy rhinoplasty surgeon.
I made the usual round visiting the brand names in Munich, Germany and when abroad on business trips, I used the opportunity to consult with various other surgeons outside Germany. Good ones and not so good ones.
One of the surgeons even denied to work on my nose, claiming it is a difficult case. Thus I was careful to make the right choice.
For various reasons I decided to allow Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Gehrking to perform:
He is specialized exclusive for nose-throat-ear surgery and for cancer in this area, too. Checked CV, references.
He had a different approach and I felt he is a surgeon by vocation and not a superficial cosmetic surgeon. I felt completely safe to trust his hands.
He also took all necessary time to explain all details of the surgery to be performed.
He has a classy aesthetic understanding and calculated angles of various nose features to fit my own face.
I wished for a nose that fits my face shape, my chin, and gives focus to my eyes, no standard nose.
My nose surgery took about 3,5 hrs. I don't want to bore with medical details, but
the surgeon carried out a full course for function and aesthetic improvement.
I received best PRE and AFTER care and I am very happy with the amazing result.
I now own a full functional and classy nose that fits my own beauty.
I advise to check an array of different rhinoplasty surgeons to find the one who can listen and understand your needs and turn them into reality. I found mine.

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