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Sorry I don't speak german, but where in Berlin can I buy crest whitening strips for teeth? TIA nm

6. Oktober 2004 um 17:11 Letzte Antwort: 6. Oktober 2004 um 21:24

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6. Oktober 2004 um 19:25

Hey there
Do you mean those whitening strips for your teeth?
You can buy them either in a drugstore and they are from "Odol Med 3" and are called "Beauty Kur Intesiv- Zahnweiß Streifen" and you can also buy such strips at the pharmacy, they are from "Blend-a-med" and are called "Whitestripes".
Hope this helps
from Julie

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6. Oktober 2004 um 21:24

you get it however substantially more inexpensive if you in ebay thereafter look

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